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For additional information on any of the youngsters listed below please call:
203 348 1422 or email:


2/15/2024 Green-cheeked Conures 
ON SALE $495.00 ea at Parrots & Company
                 Looking for a Green Cheek?  We have a large selection at a great price,                      all these youngsters are weaned and are ready to go home today.

Baby Green Cheek Conures @ Parrots & Company
Umbrella Cockatoos Babies 
Bred, incubator hatched and hand-fed from day 1 at Parrots & Comp

               Baby Umbrella, 2.5 weeks old at Parrots & Company              Umbrella Cockatoo 10 week old at Parrots & Company              
                   Baby Umbrella @ 23 days                            Umbrella Cockatoo - 12 weeks              

Baby Caiques Now Available - 2/02/2024

Baby White-bellied caiques, 5 available          Black-headed caiques,_2 available 

Baby White-bellied caiques                          Baby Black-headed caiques

Lutino Ringneck Parakeets Available - 2/2/2024

Lutino Ringnecks_2 available


Green Cheek Conure Babies at
Parrots & Company
Several Mutations Available

Come visit us


 In the Nest Box @ Parrots & Company Feb, 2024

Follow the Journey of Our Baby Parrots
From the Nest Box - To the Nursery - To Playpens and Into the Trees 
& Finally Into a New Home - Will it be Your Home?


White-bellied caiques 
Blue & Gold macaws




UPS and FedEx may be experiencing slight delivery delays. 

Most internet orders received before 2:00 pm are shipped same day. 
We are now offering In Store Pickup.  Please call 203 348 1422 in advance of desired pick-up time.

Rest assured that our team is here to support you and your pets thru delivery and in store shopping alternatives. If you have any questions please call 203 348 3161

Store Operating Changes:

  • Grooming Services - Please call for appointment
  • We are not able to do large bird clipping or DNA sexing on Tues or Saturday
  • Bird Boarding - Call in advance (we can not keep carriers or travel cages) 
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation
Current Store Hours  -  11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST - 7 days

The Leadership Team,

Parrots & Company


Today's Specials

Lafeber AviCakes Fruit Delight
Price: (2) Starting At: $7.99
Lafeber AviCakes Fruit Delight is the online division of Parrots & Company
located in Stamford CT. For the past 40 years Parrots & Company has been regarded as one of the finest exotic bird breeding facilities and pet bird stores in America. The store occupies over 8000 sq. feet with hundreds of birds, thousands of bird products and bird supplies, the store also offers bird related services such as; bird boarding, bird grooming, DNA sexing and more.

Our objective at Parrotco is two fold; to create a platform where we can share experiences and collectively have a positive impact on the  pet and aviary bird community, secondly to offer visitors the same great shopping experience that our guests enjoy at Parrots & Company. can be the online source for all of your companion bird needs; bird food, gourmet bird treats, parrot toys, bird cages, bird playpens and play gyms, natural parrot trees and a large selection of bird supplies.

Join us on Facebook and Instagram, participate in the conversations and share your experiences with fellow pet bird enthusiasts.

We look forward to those of you in New England visiting us.

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