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Foraging Ball

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The Foraging Ball can play a role in developing your parrots’ cognitive learning skills.

What you put into the ball will determine which of the parrots five senses are stimulated.

·     Birds recognize familiar objects e.g. add a few parrot nutria-berries or pieces of popcorn and watch the bird work to acquire a familiar delicacy.

·     Parrots have a keen sense of hearing. Place a bell, small block of wood, etc. inside the foraging ball to create a noise maker toy.  Clever birds will push the ball and follow the sound.

·     Parrots have an extremely acute sense of touch. Parrots use their beak and feet to investigate their surroundings including: food, play objects and items they can chew   Parrots learn a great deal about an object by examining the texture.  Try putting a munch ball in this toy.

·      Parrots have a rather poorly developed sense of taste due to having fewer taste buds than other species, they are limited to flavors.  You may disagree after you add a chunk of papaya or a few chile peppers to the foraging ball.

·     Parrots also have an underdeveloped sense of smell.  Scents or aromas disperse quickly in the air which is where parrots spend the majority of their time flying or feeding, playing, roosting high in the treetops.

You may disagree if you put a piece of really ripe banana in the foraging ball.

Size:  3 ½” diameter

Color:  Clear

Recommended for adolescent and adult birds including: African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos and Macaws

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