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Fiesta Munch Ball

Price: $1.95
Item Number: 10800520

Fiesta Vine Ball is a 2½” natural vine ball filled with shreddable, colored crinkle paper.

We know what you’re thinking: My bird will pick that up and totally destroy it in no time flat.

Silly you; you need to be a bit more clever.   Let the bird watch as you put peanuts, a grape, or maybe a nutri-berrie into the ball.  Now Mr. Parrot will calmly pick up the ball, cautiously extract the paper, manipulate the ball with his beak and foot until he sees the treat and carefully snap the vines and remove his prize.  He will then toss the ball to the bottom of the cage and enjoy his reward AND he’s not done, eventually he will retrieve the ball and then he will tear it to pieces. 

Use the Fiesta Vine Ball as an incentive for him to do something constructive and you won’t mind that he was destructive in the process. 

Size:  2 ½” diameter
Color: Natural, as shown

Recommended for any parrot that gives the human in their life a measure of enjoyment.

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